Using Our Payment Portal 

Registered User:  Please login using your User ID and Password

New User:  Please register for the payment portal site. Create a User ID, Password and set up security questions.

Here are some tips for registering to use the Payment Portal:

  • Policy Number: Located on your forms, the actual policy number is simply ‘HIW’ plus the first 7 numbers. Do not include /1, /2, /3.
  • Zip Code: Please provide the zip code of the insureds/your MAILING address, not the zip code of the property location or the billing zip code (if it is not the same as your mailing zip code). If the zip code includes +4 enter the addition numbers without the dash (ex: 968131234).
  • Make a Payment: Once you click on ‘Make a Payment’ please be sure to select the most current policy term from the drop down. If you were viewing other terms, it may still be selected when you make the payment and will cause you to pay the wrong amount.
  • Add Other Policies: If you have more than one policy with Zephyr, you can add them to the ‘My Portfolio’ tab to make them available using just one login.

Mahalo for your patience. We are working on tools to make it easier for you and your agents to access information and support your insurance needs.

Software & Browser Issues: Flash Player 10 or above must be installed to use this portal. Devices that do not support Flash are not compatible. If you are using a Mac, Safari browsers are not compatible with the payment portal. Please use Internet Explorer, Chrome or Firefox.

To Make a Payment Click Here