Zephyr Insurance Company was founded to insure Hawaii homeowners and residents against catastrophic loss due to hurricanes.

Locally based and managed, Zephyr is staffed by insurance professionals who have a long-term commitment to Hawaii. The company is wholly owned by Heritage Insurance Holdings, Inc., a publicly traded company listed on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol HRTG. For more information, please visit the Heritage Investor Relations page.


Zephyr’s vision is to be Hawaii’s industry leader in providing hurricane coverage with superior expertise and customer service.

Our Mission

Zephyr Insurance Company is committed to providing the residents of Hawaii with the best available hurricane coverage with long-term availability and price stability, outstanding customer service and the peace-of-mind to know that when the unexpected happens, Zephyr will be there.

Zephyr is dedicated to the following values:

    • Responsiveness and professionalism toward both our agents and insureds.
    • Demonstrated expertise in the management of and preparedness for a hurricane catastrophe.
    • Continual improvement in our financial and operational performance.
    • Maintaining and enhancing the confidence of all Zephyr stakeholders.

Our History

Zephyr, a Greek word meaning gentle or westerly wind, recalls the type of weather we enjoy in Hawaii most of the time. Unfortunately, we have seen first-hand the devastating affect a hurricane can have on our homes and community. It is during these unexpected occurrences that Zephyr will be there to support you.

When Hurricane Iniki occurred, on September 11, 1992, it significantly changed the complexion of the Hawaii property insurance market. Availability and affordability of hurricane coverage became major issues, influenced primarily by the reinsurance market and other worldwide catastrophes. The State of Hawaii, in response to the evolving crisis, established the Hawaii Hurricane Relief Fund (HHRF) in 1993 to alleviate the crisis with respect to residential hurricane insurance requirements. As the hurricane insurance market improved in the following years, the HHRF discontinued issuing hurricane policies and Zephyr Insurance Company, Inc. was formed in 2000.

Maintaining strong relationships with the state’s major homeowner’s insurance companies, along with a financially strong and secure reinsurance program, Zephyr has become a leader in residential hurricane insurance in Hawaii. Becoming wholly owned by Heritage Insurance Holding, Inc. (NYSE: HRTG) in 2016, Zephyr is the sister company of Heritage Property and Casualty and Naragansett Bay Insurance Company. Together they provide homeowner’s insurance for 11 states along the Eastern seaboard of the United States.

By combining our personalized, local service with the financial strength of a publicly traded company, Zephyr is able to offer the very best hurricane insurance product for Hawaii residents.

Financial Stability Rating®

An independent financial analysis and actuarial services firm named Demotech, Inc. conducted a rigorous, quantitative analysis of Zephyr Insurance Company, Inc. and has awarded a Financial Stability Rating® of:

A’ Prime

The data used to develop our rating is obtained from Zephyr’s statutory financial statements. Some of the items reviewed include:

  • Total Current Assets

  • Total Current Liabilities

  • Working Capital

  • Total Revenue

  • Receivables

  • Administrative Expenses

  • Total Assets

  • Total Liabilities

  • Surplus

  • Net Income

  • Total Expenses

  • Leverage Ratios