If you have a mortgage on your home, you are required to have hurricane insurance coverage. This is a special type of property-casualty insurance that protects policyholders from property damage caused by hurricanes, that are considered vis major and so might be excluded from standard homeowners insurance policies. Hurricane insurance is usually offered in the form of a rider on a standard casualty insurance policy through the extended coverage endorsement.

Zephyr policies only offer coverage for the peril of windstorm during a hurricane.

The coverage begins when a hurricane watch or warning is issued by the Central Pacific Hurricane Center of the National Weather Service for the island where the insured property is located and continues for the duration of the hurricane and ends 72 hours after the watch or warning is canceled.

Zephyr’s policy offers the following coverage for your Hawaii residence:

  • Coverage A – Dwelling Building
  • Coverage B – Other Structures
  • Coverage C – Personal Property
  • Coverage D – Loss of Use / Fair Market Rent

Additional coverage includes Debris Removal, Reasonable Repairs (cost incurred for necessary repairs to protect covered property from further damage), Collapse (direct physical loss to covered property), Property Removed (direct physical loss while removed from insured location) and Ordinance or Law coverage (up to 10% of the limit of liability that applies to Coverage A for the increased costs you incur due to enforcement of any ordinance or law).

The Zephyr policy provides for replacement cost coverage on buildings and structures under Coverage A and Coverage B subject to coinsurance. For an additional premium, Zephyr also offers optional coverage endorsements such as Personal Property Replacement Cost (includes coverage for major appliances that are not in a fully enclosed building), Economic Demand Surge and Ordinance or Law (additional Limits). Available rate credits include Wind Resistive Devices, Uniform Building Code Credits, Loyalty Credits and Deductibles. Options for deductibles range from 1% – 5%. Credits are available on 3% or higher.

Zephyr strives to provide competitive rates. They are reviewed and approved by the State of Hawaii Insurance Division to assure financial soundness.


Homeowners insurance is a form of property insurance that covers losses and damages to an individual’s residence, along with furnishings and other assets in the home. Homeowners insurance also provides liability coverage against accidents in the home or on the property. Every homeowners insurance policy has a liability limit, which determines the amount of coverage the insured has should an unfortunate incident occur.

Zephyr’s Homeowners Insurance Policy (HO3)

Zephyr Insurance is committed to insuring one of your largest investments, your home. The best way to protect it is through a Homeowners HO3 policy.

A Homeowners HO3 policy provides insurance for single-family, townhouse or duplex homes that are owner occupied. Our HO3 product provides insurance related to most perils, such as fire, lightning, and theft. It also provides coverage for:

  • Personal liability coverage and medical payments to others
  • Loss of use of your home during a claim while it is being reasonably repaired
  • Personal Property and valuables
  • Coverage for other structures

We also have additional coverage options available such as increased limits on jewelry, replacement cost on personal property, dog liability, identity theft, and personal injury.

Zephyr’s Condo Insurance Policy (HO6)

Condominium association policies typically cover common areas only. Zephyr Insurance HO6 policy provides coverage for a condo unit occupied by the owner or a tenant and its valued contents. An HO6 condo policy offers significant protection, including:

  • Personal liability coverage and medical payments to others
  • Loss assessments
  • Contents and permanently attached building items inside the condo unit

Additional coverage options are available such as replacement cost on personal property, identity theft, and dog liability.

Zephyr’s Tenants (HO4 Renters) Insurance Policy

Zephyr Insurance tenants’ policy provides coverage for a residence being rented. A tenants policy offers significant protection, including:

  • Personal liability coverage and medical payments to others
  • Contents of the policyholder

Additional coverage options are available such as replacement cost on personal property and identity theft.

FLOOD INSURANCE (not currently offered by Zephyr)

Flood insurance is a type of property insurance that covers a dwelling for losses sustained by water damage specifically due to flooding caused by heavy or prolonged rain, melting snow, coastal storm surges, blocked storm drainage systems, or levee dam failure. In many places, a flood is considered a vis major event, and the damage or destruction it causes are uncovered if you do not get supplemental insurance.