Frequently Asked Questions

If I cancel my policy can I get a refund?2020-07-07T18:23:58+00:00

The premium shall be refunded only if you provide evidence in writing that such requested cancellation is due to:

  1. The sale of the home / structure by you to an unrelated third party, foreclosure or eviction from the Insured Location; or
  2. The physical loss of that structure, not due to a hurricane, occupied by you as primary residence at the Insured Location, such loss rendering that structure permanently and totally uninhabitable.
How are premium rates determined?2020-07-07T18:14:41+00:00

There are several variables that determine each individual policyholder premium. (i.e. construction class, year built, amount of coverage, retrofitting, etc.)

Is it possible to reduce my premium?2020-07-07T18:16:09+00:00

There are credits available that can help reduce premium such as retrofitting or opting for a higher deductible. However, you should discuss these options with your insurance agent to ensure you qualify for discounts and that you have the proper coverage. Additionally, Zephyr provides an incremental loyalty credit based on years of continuous coverage.

Why are the premiums higher for single wall homes?2020-07-07T18:15:24+00:00

The higher rate reflects the increased risk for this category of construction and the cost to rebuild the home to current building code standards.

How do Zephyr’s rates compare to its competitors?2020-07-07T18:16:47+00:00

Zephyr’s rates remain competitive. There are some carriers with higher rates and some with lower. However, customers should always consider more than just rates when purchasing insurance. Reliability, stability and service are important factors to consider.

Are customers being notified in advance of their renewal statement? How? When?2020-07-07T18:17:21+00:00

Customers receive their renewal policies in the mail approximately 30-40 days prior to the renewal effective date. At that time, we ask you to verify that the information and coverage limits are accurate and adequate to help ensure that we are providing the appropriate coverage.

Can I pay by credit card?2020-07-07T18:18:13+00:00

Yes. You may register to use the customer payment portal using the “Payment Portal” link in the home menu or you can call your agent to process a credit card payment by phone.

Do you offer installment payment options?2020-07-07T18:19:07+00:00

Yes. You may pay your policy in full or you may elect one of our installment options. We currently offer a semi-annual, quarterly and an 11-pay option which requires a recurring EFT transaction along with your email address for notification purposes. Mortgagee billed policies require payment in full. Please contact your agent to select a payment plan.

If my premium is paid through my mortgage company, how will I know it was paid?2020-07-07T18:21:29+00:00

You can verify receipt of payment through your agent.

What should I do if I receive a cancellation notice?2020-07-07T18:23:20+00:00
  1. If you are the payor on the account, you must pay the balance in full to prevent cancellation.
  2. If your mortgage company is the payor, verify that the Zephyr declaration page lists the correct mortgage company and address. Contact them to be sure they are escrowing for your hurricane insurance and ask them to send payment.
  3. If you have refinanced and Zephyr does not have the correct mortgagee information, you should make payment immediately to keep your policy active.
Why is there no phone number for Zephyr listed on the policy declarations?2020-07-07T18:34:31+00:00

As an insurance carrier, Zephyr does not sell its policies directly. It relies on its network of licensed professional insurance agents to act as representatives between the company and its policyholders. The name and phone number of your agent appears in the upper left-hand section of the declaration page as your primary point of contact.

Why is the premium fully earned?2020-07-07T18:25:07+00:00

Zephyr insures against the catastrophic peril of hurricane. Although the risk is seasonal (June through November), events can occur outside the designated season. Our rates are structured on an annual basis to allow us to protect our policyholders and to maintain Zephyr’s financial viability and ability to pay losses in the event of a hurricane. Our fully earned policy assures that Zephyr receives proper compensation for the exposures which it insures.

How long before I can expect to receive a refund?2020-07-07T18:26:27+00:00

The refund of your premium, less any service charge, will be mailed to you within 60 days from the date that the notice of cancellation or confirmation of cancellation is mailed to you.

How do I pay my bill?2020-07-07T18:27:04+00:00

If your policy is paid by your mortgage company, they will receive an invoice. You will receive a copy of the invoice for your records.

Why do I need hurricane coverage?2020-07-07T18:27:51+00:00

A hurricane has the power to damage not only your home, but your sense of security and financial future. Having hurricane insurance means you’ll be reimbursed for your covered losses in the event your home is damaged due to a hurricane. While Hawaii law does not require homeowners to have hurricane insurance, most financial institutions require hurricane insurance as a condition of the loan if your home is mortgaged.

Doesn’t my homeowner’s insurance policy include hurricane coverage?2020-07-07T18:28:31+00:00

Not all homeowner’s policies include hurricane insurance. Contact your Insurance Agent to confirm your hurricane coverage.

Do mortgagees from out of state require Hawaii residents to have hurricane insurance?2020-07-07T18:29:34+00:00

Most mortgagees both in and out of state require hurricane insurance.

Where is the hurricane zone?2020-07-07T18:30:23+00:00

Hurricanes are products of a tropical ocean and a warm, moist atmosphere. Powered by the heat from the sea, the Atlantic and Gulf Coast areas as well as the U.S. Pacific Islands, are subject to hurricanes / typhoons and tropical storms.

How do I obtain or make changes to my hurricane insurance policy?2020-07-07T18:34:03+00:00

Contact your Insurance Agent. All purchases and changes to your hurricane insurance policy are handled by your Insurance Agent. (List of Agents)

How quickly can I expect payment upon submitting my claim?2020-07-07T18:33:18+00:00

The timeframe on claim payments may vary and are based on the receipt of the following items from the policyholder such as:

  1. The time and cause of loss;
  2. Inspection of the damaged property;
  3. Receipt of copies of requested records and documents from you;
  4. The interest of the insured and all others involved in the property, liens, etc.;
  5. Other insurance which may cover the loss;
  6. Specifications and details of damaged buildings and structures.
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